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Six thousand people live in appalling conditions at the Calais refugee camp, known as "The Jungle". They receive practically no aid from the UK or French governments, or from the main charities. They need your help now.

My name is Richard Smith. My partner, Lizzy, and I spent a week visiting the Calais refugee camp as volunteers with Care4Calais. I was surprised to learn how important resilient, waterproof boots are to people without proper shelter or sufficient resources. I watched several hundred refugees scramble for a small delivery of second-hand boots.

All the pictures on this website were taken in the camp on Wednesday 30th December 2015, shortly after a hailstorm. Lots of refugees wear flip-flops or undersized trainers in the mud and the rain, because that's all they've got.

Their living conditions are worse than most of us can imagine. Many live on whatever food gets donated and get their water from a single stand-pipe. They try their best, but they live in cheap tents and under tarpaulins in the mud, near pools of stagnant water, and never far from piles of rubbish and human waste.

Solid, well-fitting boots give warmth, comfort and safety.

Lets get five hundred pairs of brand new waterproof boots to the camp!

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Boots without Borders Help Now!

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